Dentures: What are They Used for?

Dentures are a good option for replacing missing teeth.

Adult teeth are made to last a lifetime. However, we know that many problems and diseases can damage our teeth and gums.

Teeth badly damaged by decay and cannot be repaired should be removed. Another possible cause could be a powerful blow to the mouth, resulting in an immediate loss of a tooth. Also, very advanced periodontal disease could damage the bone and gums surrounding the tooth, causing it to loosen and fall out.

Losing one or more teeth can be traumatic for a person. Missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth in the patient’s mouth to start to move, causing tooth alignment defects. On the other hand, the biggest problem caused by tooth loss is the negative impact on the patient’s aesthetics; a person who is missing teeth may feel insecure when smiling.

One of the best options for replacing missing teeth is dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable dental prostheses that allow replacing missing teeth. These can replace some teeth or replace both complete dental arches (upper and lower).

Types of dentures

Depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced, dentures can be:

Complete or conventional dentures

These dentures allow you to replace all the teeth in the patient’s mouth. They are placed on the gums and can be fixed using a denture adhesive.

Partial dentures

These are used when the patient still has other healthy teeth in their mouth. Partial dentures rest on the gum in the missing teeth spaces and are attached with metal pieces to the adjacent healthy teeth.

Implant-supported dentures

These are a type of fixed denture that allows you to replace all the upper or lower teeth. They are placed on the gum of the patient and are set to it thanks to dental implants.


These are also supported by implants previously inserted into the jaw bone. However, these dentures are removable and can be removed from the mouth at the patient’s convenience.


The main benefit of dentures is that they allow missing teeth to be replaced quickly and simply, restoring the confidence to smile again.

Also, it does not require a very complicated procedure to place them. Only implant-supported dentures or overdentures require dental implant surgery to place the titanium bases before the denture can be fixed.

Another advantage of dentures is that they only require basic care to keep them in perfect condition. Besides, they are easy to repair in case of damage.


Removable dentures can be uncomfortable at first for patients. These may not fit properly and move, which could cause minor gum injuries. Also, due to movement, the bone that supports the denture would shrink over time.

To prevent the denture from moving, dental adhesives can be used. However, these adhesives are difficult to clean, causing bad breath and dirt accumulation under the teeth.

If there is no proper dental hygiene, bacteria could accumulate under the teeth and cause fungus that affects the gums, causing irritation and itching.

Dentures can be brittle, so they could be damaged or broken if dropped to the ground.

Recommendations for taking care of your dentures

To keep your dentures in perfect condition and make sure they last as long as possible, it is advisable to follow the following tips:

  • Remove and clean dentures after eating.
  • When sleeping, the patient should remove the denture and put it in a container with a denture cleaner.
  • Avoid biting or chewing very hard things that can damage your dentures.
  • Maintain complete dental hygiene. The dental hygiene routine is performed after removing the teeth to ensure that the mouth and gums are completely cleaned.
  • Visit the dentist regularly. The dentist will perform a complete examination of the mouth to ensure that the teeth are in perfect condition and that no problems affect oral health.

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