Smile Design Turn Your Smile Into an art Piece

Thanks to a smile design, it is possible to improve your teeth’s appearance and thus have a dazzling smile. Over the years, our teeth can be affected by various problems: cavities, cracks, fractures, stains, discolouration, etc. These problems can significantly affect dental health and aesthetics. When a person is not happy with their smile, it […]

Digital Xray – Prevention and Diagnosis

Digital x-rays allow the diagnosis of dental problems that cannot be detected with the naked eye. Maintaining a dental hygiene routine at home is essential to ensure that your teeth and gums are in good health. However, it would help if you supplement your dental care routine with regular visits to the dentist. At each […]

The Benefits of Having Dental Implants.

A dental implant will allow you to wear a healthy smile again. Various problems can affect our teeth and cause them to have severe damage that would lead us to suffer one of the worst dental nightmares: losing a tooth. cavities, fractures, and periodontal diseases are some of the factors that could cause damage to […]

Dental Abscesses Don’t Have to Be A Pain

Dental abscesses may sound scary, but they are quickly treated and even preventable! The word abscess can conjure the old-fashioned image of someone with a towel tied around their head with a painful grimace on their face. Thankfully, those days are gone, and with the help of modern technology, they can be quickly and painlessly […]

Dental Cleaning is Essential for Mouth Health

If you’ve missed a few professional cleanings or haven’t been brushing at home, you may need more than a “regular cleaning,” costing you more time and money. Did you know a routine cleaning is clinically called prophylaxis, or prophy cleaning? This is because it’s a preventative measure to reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease. […]

Staying On Top Of Oral Health During COVID-19

Let’s face it. None of us planned for 2020 to go quite this way. COVID-19 disruptions are reverberating across the globe on every level. From stock markets to our favorite Thai restaurant, life’s different for now. Many elective dental and medical procedures are on hold as the healthcare system scrambles to keep up.  In most […]

10 Tidbits About Your Teeth

Here are 10 cool dental facts to help you wow your friends and family! You use your teeth to bite, chew, and maybe even engage in some ill-advised package opening. (Tsk, tsk.) Unless a tooth is bothering you, you probably don’t give them a second thought. But there is so much more to your chompers. […]